What's in a story?  My mission in life is embodied by the stories that I tell, the stories that I keep, and the dreams that have shaped my path along the way. Do you think that a story has the power to change your life? Find out the many different ways that Alyssa Hennessy, STORYTELLER can help you on your journey to living your best story yet!

  • PROFESSIONAL ENCOURAGER - Do you need step-by-step mentoring? Lets get started! Alyssa has over 7 years of experience in mentoring, consulting, and coaching.

  • SPEAKING AND TEACHING - Do you need a guest speaker at your event? Alyssa has been speaking, preaching, and teaching to crowds of all different sizes since 1999 (shout out to that POD concert in Bakersfield California, where I step up to the microphone for the very first time).

  • DREAM INTERPRETATION - Have a dream that needs decoded? Alyssa is a certified dream interpreter and can help you with that!

  • WRITTEN STORIES - Just here for the stories? Please visit Alyssa's blog! Please subscribe for updates! FIRST BOOK RELEASE EXPECTED IN 2019.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER - over 18 years of media content creation, program development, and promotions. Over 5,000 combined followers (and growing) on 3 platforms, Alyssa can help tell your story.