"The root of the message always starts with a story. How we tell our stories impacts everything else. I enjoy speaking on many different topics, but the root always blooms with story." Alyssa Hennessy

Alyssa Hennessy is a personal and professional development coach, community consultant and award-winning journalist. An entrepreneur with 20+year experience in communications and community development, Alyssa has a lifelong philosophy of continuous empowerment. Since 2011, Alyssa's growth and personal development expanded to include innovative ways of training audiences that leaves them more empowered and inspired in their personal and professional lives. 

"Training, teaching, preaching, wisecracking  - I've been telling stories to crowds since 1999. While I really love to make people laugh, my ultimate desire is to provide applicable information and resources that stir up hope in a crowd. From living rooms to stadiums, I use personal insights, professional training, and my own stories to usher people towards their best story."

Alyssa provides custom talks and keynote messages for professionals in organizations nationwide based on principles of human holistic wellness. Let's talk. To book Alyssa for your event or conference, click the button to connect.


In 1999 I was healed of cancer. There is a lot more to that story. Ultimately, this is a message of hope and my personal journey towards freedom from fear.



As a seasoned military spouse, I have lived through some real life situations that would put Lifetime Movie Channel to shame. But this message isn't about the drama - save that for TV - this is a message about bouncing back to life after hitting rock bottom.



Sometimes Life asks us to do hard things. This message is the testimony of how I became a woman of faith, found the ability to do brave things, and discovered my own identity along the way.