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DREAMS: Old friends and writing

Do you ever dream about old friends? I do! Friend dreams can have several different meanings. I had a dream last night that I with an old friend. This particular friend is a writer and in my dream I was helping her edit a piece she was writing. She was really tired and we were sitting in the dark at her computer. Her article was fine, she’d just forgot to put spaces between some of the words. I remember feeling flattered that she asked for my help. I think this dream was less about the friend and more about the writing. This particular friend and I used to be mistaken for each other, so I think that it could even be my current self helping my “old” self. I’ve taken a two year break from writing, my old self needed some space, but my new self has clarity and renewed excitement. I think that this dream is an encouraging dream! Encouragement to revive some of my old writing pieces with fresh eyes