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A Letter to My Brothers

OH, THE ACHE! I have so many words and I don’t even know how to get them out. As a woman called to ministry - dare I say pastoring - this letter strikes and deep and ancient chord in my soul.

For the 15 years since I entered Bible College, I have been discarded, shushed, and ignored.

And ... I have been suffocatingly discouraged over the last 2 years.

My fragile roots had just taken hold to the Arizona desert when they were ripped up and transplanted here in North Carolina. The Bible Belt. My dream and plans dissolved with each “what do you do?” conversation.

No room for lady preachers here... so... no room for Alyssa? ... but THIS LETTER IS LIFE BREATHING.

I came home from work today after receiving another attack on my professional abilities. This time the attack came from a pseudo-friend who I can only assume thought the review was anonymous. Unfortunately, I’m starting to think that these attacks are just par for course. I’m no stranger to criticism and critique.... but, the attacks are a new thing. I’d like to think they’re thickening my skin for professional growth. I am a lady preacher, after all. Yeah, I might be working in the nonprofit realm, but I’m a preacher nonetheless. And I know I’m in THIS exact position at exactly THIS moment for a purpose and a plan.

So, excuse me while I kick down walls and change atmospheres. I’ll keep doing what I know I am called to do with Suzy's whisper echoing in my ear saying “Thick skin, ma’am. Thick skin.”