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Being Known

If hugs were dollars, we'd have reached our fundraising goal yesterday. I posted a funny thing about how I’m at that point with this fundraiser where I need someone to brush my hair and bring me snacks and tell me I’m pretty. And my friends came out in full force!!!

One major struggle as a military spouse is being known by the people in close proximity to you… I’ve experienced this here more than any other duty station before.

Thankful for friends who surprise me with coffee, who hug me 3 times in the parking lot, who make me laugh at dinner, and confide in me on dance studio floors. Thankful for coworkers who sit too close and fix my hair and remind me to drink water. Thankful for a boss, who’s more than a boss - she’s a big sister, a mentor, and overall example of grace under pressure. She might not hug, but she does have chocolate in her desk ... and that’s practically the same thing. And somehow she manages to wink at me at just the right moment. Thankful for a nanny who’s more of a bestie. Who loves my kids enough that I never worry when she’s with them... and leaves me notes with words of encouragement, or the perfect little gift that I so desperately need.

And my husband. He might have poorly-timed suggestions and be less than enthusiastic about my mad video production skills, but he’s here. He’s my partner and friend. He never complains that he’s alone with the kids again, cooking dinner again, or the fact that I haven’t done laundry in a month. He’s here. He texts me every morning and reminds me to “kill it today” or “feed the dog”. He calls me on his way home just to see if I need anything.

I’m known.