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MARRIAGE: Sometimes its irritating.

My husband and I aren't super romantic. We are more like best friends and roommates most days. No relationship can last on romance and butterfly feelings alone. So somedays we are okay with being a partnership that works well together. Parenting is a job that we do well together. Life is easier when you have support. So, we help each other out.... Most of the time. A few days ago, I needed a tax form for an employment agency. I asked Sean where it was and he gave me a few options on where to look. I spent the next afternoon tearing apart years of files and emailing various organizations looking for these files. That night he came home and I told him how I could not find the papers anywhere....

So, he turned on his computer and printed them from his saved documents... And my head exploded. I was thankful that he had them but furious that he had known where they were the whole time and just didn't want to walk upstairs to turn on his computer. He laughed. I growled. We went out for dinner.

Later that night, he decided to turn on the movie The Notebook (a movie he'd never seen). I won't spoil the ending but there might have been some crumpled tissues on the floor and they weren't mine. As we laid in bed, half asleep, my sweet husband said "do you think that could be us in 40 years?" And I said, "probably not, because you're too lazy to print my 1099. The kids would be like 'dad, you need to go see mom.' And You'd be like, 'Meh. That bed in the home is too lumpy and she doesn't remember me anyway. Let's go out for ice cream!'" And he laughed harder than I've seen him laugh in months. Then he said "man, I like you."

The next day he took me to the beach, played in the ocean and held my hand for a minute.

Marriage is not always easy but it is good. And it is worth it.