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Leaving Arizona

This is our last night in Sierra Vista. I'm having a lot of feelings. So much has happened here. Most of our marriage I've followed my husband around the country. I've made friends with his friend's wives. I've gotten involved in his hobbies, and our kids schedule. Sure, I worked and did my own thing too, but typically his company dictated how we spent our free time and with whom we had relationships. Not that it HAD to be that way, but when you're working 16 hour days in a strange city, you tend to gravitate to the people who are accessible. Nothing too far outside of our regularly scheduled life. Maybe a civilian neighbor here and there. But this post has been different. This 18 months I have rediscovered myself. I started public speaking about my testimony and the power of God regularly again. I joined the worship team at our local church and sang... Something I hadn't done since The Lampstand (who remembers those days?!). I encouraged a local counseling ministry start-up, and I hope it comes to fruition. For the first time in 13 years, I joined (and finished!) bible studies. I read the entire bible on my own. I volunteered. I climbed mountains and swam. I got sunburnt and ripped my hand doing deadlifts. I drank coffee with friends and didn't look at my phone. I laid in a hammock with my son and read him psychology books at his request. I shot a gun. I played the piano with my border collie at my feet. I met neighbors. I talked to strangers. I wrote a book. I learned to walk at night and not be afraid of the dark. I finished my Bachelors degree. I chased a javelina. I ran from a javelina. I helped a tarantula cross the road. I just did stuff. I got fearless. When I arrived here I decided to own this land in my heart. To love it 100%. To become native. I told my husband that he'd have to bury me on these Huachucan Mountains, because I'd never leave. Then, one day something in me shifted. Urgently, I sent my husband a text that said "Where you go, I go. You lead, I'll follow. If you're not done, then I'm not done. I'm proud of you and I'll follow you to the end of the earth." He was out of state at the time and didn't have his phone on him. I had no idea that at that very moment he was getting offered a dream job. A job he's sort of wanted for 17 years. I had no idea that at that moment he was turning it down ... for me. Because he knows I love these mountains. He knows I'm happy here. He climbed in his car and saw my text. Then, he ran back inside, found the man who made the offer, and jumped all in. I'm thrilled to see what the future holds and I know it's going to be amazing. But I'll never forget who I became in the Huachucas.