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I'm speaking about friendship at the PWOC women's ministry on post next week. So naturally I've been feeling insecure about the subject matter . . .

I've been working really hard on this devotional, but the doubts made me want to pitch the whole thing and go eat worms. It would be easier to read a chapter from some well-known author, you know? ... Ugh!

But I believe that friendship is a great subject for military people! And it's so close to my heart! So, I started praying for clarity. Praying that I would KNOW exactly what to say. Exactly what needs to be heard. Not what I'm comfortable with... I started praying that lives would be changed, souls uplifted, and friendships grown. I also started praying that the right friends would gather around me and help me put this all together.

Today - a day that I usually spend alone - I ended up getting to separately spend over 6 hours with two precious friends. And without even knowing what I've been up to, they came at me like warriors with arrows dipped in truth and they shot right at the heart of what I need to say. They filled up my cup and did EXACTLY what friends should do. Yay God!