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PARENTING: The dream crusher

Tonight, I was having a discussion with the boys about college, the military, and all of the different options that they have available to them when they grow up. It was a very serious talk and they asked me all about what Sean and I have done for our careers. Cian (4th grade) told me his entire plan to go to the Air Force Academy and have a career in the military.

When Eoin's (8 yrs) turn came he looked at me with his big, thoughtful, brown eyes and says, "What do I need to do to be an ice cream man?"


I laughed so hard! The poor guy burst into tears and said, "What's wrong with being an ice cream man?" Relentlessly Cian says, "For starters, you'll make like 5 bucks!"


Through my gasps of laughter at his adorable puppy eyes, I hugged him and told him nothing was wrong with being an ice cream man. He can do whatever he sets his heart on doing! I told him that he could start an ice cream truck business and have a very successful and rewarding career in ice cream. Then he smiled and said, "Good! Cause I like ice cream. And I think I will like driving."

I love my Brownie Bear!!