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A Date In Afghanistan

A couple of days ago, I was praying for some quality conversation with my husband. This deployment, communication has been at an all time low and I just needed him that day. A marriage is hard to maintain via email, but somehow we're more in love than ever. Anyway, he IMed me on Thursday while I was waiting for a prescription to be filled and said that he actually had time to talk. I walked down the road to a little cafe on the St. Lawrence River.

We chatted the whole time. He helped me chose my meal and I sent him photos of my surroundings. Afterwards, we text messaged as I wondered through the gift shops. I found a pretty necklace with a sketch of a saint on one side, and 4 letters on the other. We're not really into saints, but this one caught my eye. It was of Teresa of Avila. Etched on the stone were the letters LNDY.

From her famous poem

"Let nothing disturb you / All things fade away / But God never changes."

That is so applicable to where I am at this point of the deployment. I told Sean about the necklace and he said to buy it. SO, from over 7000 miles away, my husband found a way and made the time to take me on a date. And today I needed that phrase.

With heartbreaking news from my extended family, a grumpy baby, an out of control 4 year old, a deployed husband, and everything else that got thrown my way today - It was wonderful to meditate on these words.

Let NOTHING disturb you.

ALL things fade away

God NEVER changes

Thank you Sean Henn for a wonderful date... for being more than I ever hoped for and for doing the best you can to meet my needs - even from half a world away.

I completely adore you.