We all have three stories: the story we tell ourselves, the story we tell the world, and the truth. What story are you telling? 

I love connecting through story! I've often joked that I want to be a Professional Friend. You know, just walk around cheering people up all day? Then I realized that's already what I do! I did a few things to make it official (degrees, credentials, certifications) and here we are! Some like to call this coaching or consulting. I prefer to call myself a Friendologist!

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Where are you headed?

Leadership coaching programs are customized and include a variety of personal and professional growth focus.

My hope is that clients leave empowered by their stories:

  • Executives stop striving and start inspiring

  • Employees work in harmony and collaboration

  • Individuals communicate more effectively and transparently

  • Organizations enhance clarity of mission and vision, values and purpose to create a more cohesive culture.