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I have often struggled with describing what I do...

I write but I'm not a writer.

I lead but I'm not a boss.

I speak but I'm not a pastor.

I counsel but I'm not a therapist. 

A great friend once said, "Alyssa, you are a storyteller. You change lives by telling and hearing stories. The world needs that! Go do what you do!"

She was right! I hope you find humor, hope and healing in the stories I share.

I'm so glad you're here!  



I've considered myself a "writer" since I could hold a crayon in my chubby little preschool hand. My first "book" was about a grilled cheese sandwich. I won my first writer's award at a county competition when I was in 3rd grade. Influenced by my own mother and grandmother, I never questioned my ability or love of the written word. I devoured books and spit out journals as fast as my parents would supply them. In 1999, I was hired as a content producer for NBC. Professional writing took a backseat when I discovered photography, but I never ceased to craft short stories in the notes section of Myspace and lengthy Facebook posts. 

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I love hearing your stories and connecting with you through encouragement! I've often joked that I want to be a "Professional Encourager" - You know,  just walk around cheering people up all day? Then, I woke up one day and realized that's already what I do. I did a few things to make it official (degrees, credentials, certifications) and here we are!

Some like to call this coaching or consulting. I prefer to call it encouraging! I would be honored to work with you on your step-by-step quest towards living your best life! 



I love Fayetteville! I love my church! I love the Military! One day my good friend - an extreme introvert - looked at me and dryly said, "You're like having our own little Leslie Knope. In real life." Best. Compliment. Ever!

Truly, I am passionate about community. I think the whole world would change if we loved our neighbors a little bit more. So I do what I can to connect others with resources that add joy, love, and laughter to their lives. From time to time, I like to share stories about my experiences in different arenas.  Whether its about The Great City of Fayetteville or The New Show In Town - connecting people with community is something I am passionate about.  What can we do to love where we live?  


" Alyssa inspired me when I was sick and constantly discouraged. She helped me out when I really needed a strong friend ... She would just listen when I needed it or smack me upside the head to straighten me out - even if I didn't want to hear it ... The advice, encouragement, love, time, and laughs she has given me can never be explained. She is one of the best friends God could have given me."

Megan Jackson, Foster Parent and Educational Professional